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High Vision Engineering is an engineering company that provides advanced engineering services in the various phases of product development for the manufacturing industry. We are specialized in advanced engineering services within Design, Electronics, Testing and Project management.

Our business system based on ISO 9001: 2008 and 14001: 2004. It covers High Vision Engineering's operations that are located in Gothenburg and Trollhättan. The purpose of the operation system is to guide the way we work so that we reach our goals, increase profitability, reduce environmental impact and at the same time increase the customer satisfaction.

Quality policy

High Vision shall be a long-term quality partner to our customers and partners. We offer our customers the right skills to the respective needs at an competetive price.

We shall be an attractive employer for engineers. We have dedicated and skilled employees that we show a great social commitment. This by being a personal company characterized by informality, flexibility and quick response.

High Vision shall be a secure employer and partner with good profitability.

We work constantly to improve our business, this by developing and improving our processes, methodology and quality work.

Environmental policy

We will promote environmentally friendly technologies in our operations. Our environmental work assumes that we meet the environmental demands from authorities and customers for us. Our work on continuous improvement and prevention of pollution is as follows;

  • In our daily work, we shall promote an active environmental choices that reduce environmental impact by conserving energy and natural resources.
  • When we buy goods and services to our business, environmentally friendly products are something we consider when choosing a supplier.
  • Our suppliers must comply to High Vision's environmental policy.
  • The amount of waste to be limited as far as possible and residual waste is sorted.
  • Company cars are gradually being replaced for cars with lower fuel consumption.
  • Company cars should if possible be run with non studded winter tires.
  • Consultants work at customer followed by the client's environmental policy.
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